Conference Fees

All accommodation is en suite

Fees are per adult/child for the 2018 Conference.

Adult rates

Adults: £195 

Students: £40 

Mission Partners: £65

Children’s rates

Under 3 years: No charge

3–12yrs: £25 

13–17yrs: £40 

Non CDF members

Additional £30 supplement per booking/£5 student (or join as you book)

Day rates: contact Frances Vose for details

Conference Bursary Fund

CDF subsidises families, students and mission partners so that all who wish to attend can do so.  The Conference Bursary Fund is essential to keeping our family conference sustainable. If you are blessed and can afford more than your conference fee, please consider making a donation to the Bursary Fund.

We’d love you to come!

If you need financial help to attend the conference, please apply to Frances Vose, in confidence.  The Bursary Fund is available for anyone who needs it, including families.

Photo of Frances VoseFrances Vose

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