2020 Conference - 16th to 18th October 2020

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Main speaker: Ruth Perrin
We are very blessed to have Ruth as our main BIble speaker this year: Ruth Perrin is Leech Research Fellow at Durham University. In addition to her research interests she is also a tutor on the Cranmer Free Church Track, on the associate staff at King’s Church Durham and a trainer in Christian leadership. She has spoken at New wine conferences and writes for http://www.cloudofwitnesses.org/

The weekend will start 5pm on Friday and we will depart no later 2:30pm on Sunday.

You can get a PDF copy of the conference flyer by clicking here

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Conference Fees for 2020 

- All accommodation is en-suite Fees are per adult /child for the weekend

- Adult rates: £195 per Adult 

- Children’s rates: Under 3 years: No charge, 3 – 12 yrs: £25 per child , 13 -17 yrs: £40 per child

- Non-CDF members - £30 supplement per dentist booking/ £5 student (or join as you book)

- Students: £40

- Mission Partners: £65

- Day rates: £45-£65

We’d love you to come!
If you need financial help to attend the conference, please apply to Conference Administrator,  Frances Vose, in confidence.
The Bursary Fund is available for anyone who needs it, including families. 

Photo of Frances VoseConference Administrator

For more information about the conference centre and dirctions on how to get there please click on the link below. 


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