Regional Meetings

CDF has a number of regional groups which give us the opportunity to meet together in a more local setting. There are regional groups in the following areas. Regional Days are listed below when they have been arranged, they are usually in the Spring. These Days are an excellent source of support and fellowship with others in your area. For more details please contact the CDF administrator or visit our Facebook page

  • East Anglia - 
  • East Midlands -
  • London North - 
  • London South and South East
  • North West - 18th January 2020 in Liverpool 
  • North East
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland - 28th March 2020 in Perth
  • Sheffield - 
  • South Wales - 28th March 2020  in Cardiff
  • South West - 30th May 2020 in Tiverton
  • Thames Valley - 19th January 2020 in Didcot
  • Wessex
  • West Midlands - 
  • Yorkshire and Humberside 
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