Lynne and Keith Smith

Lynne is training local dental workers, who are increasingly doing the work

Keith and Lynne Smith. 

Have the privilege of serving Jesus in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

They have been working with churches in northern Burkina Faso in their mission to bring God’s transforming grace to local peoples. This involves poverty relief, education and community development as well as evangelism, discipleship training, and church-planting… and of course, dental work.

Keith has worked in Burkina for many years, and Lynne joined him after their marriage in 2009. As the dentist, Lynne has been working in remote villages setting up under a tree, pulling teeth and sharing Christ with men, women and children. She also works in local prisons providing basic dental care and minor oral surgery where the need for dental treatment is acute.

Increasingly, she has been training up local Christians to do basic diagnosis and extraction, and these teams are now doing most of the work, providing pain relief to thousands of people. In just six months between 2016-17, they treated 923 patients, and removed 1512 teeth!

Thanks to all at CDF for your prayers for us and for the unreached Muslim peoples of Burkina Faso.

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