Lynne and Keith

Lynne is training local dental workers, who are increasingly doing the work

Keith and Lynne 

Have the privilege of serving the church in West Africa. After many years overseas, they are now living in the UK where Keith works full time supporting local believers in their mission to bring God’s transforming grace to the unreached. This involves developing leadership and discipleship materials in local language, poverty relief, education, clean water, evangelism and church-planting.

Lynne is a Scottish dentist who has trained teams in West Africa to provide urgent dental care. The teams work where there is no dentist, in remote villages, prisons and refugee camps. They also share the good news of Jesus, often in very dangerous situations. The dental workers are highly respected for the quality, compassionate care they provide. Now UK based, Lynne remains available to the teams for remote consultation, visits regularly and raises support for the work.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the dental teams who are bringing healing and hope to the poor and neglected.

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